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 Fredag, 26. Augusti 2016 - Lördag, 27. Augusti 2016

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Lokala regler

Nationell Racing Licens krävs

There are some differences between the Finnish and Swedish rules relating to the cars and it would be great if we could sort them out beforehand:

Swedish race drivers do not have insurance papers to show. Our racing licenses include insurance from the Swedish Motorsport Federation. Apart from that we are not required to have additional insurance.
Beslut: We will accept this if you can have document for us, that this insurance covers all possible damages which license holder possibly causes to other peoples or other peoples property during competition in race track or in pit lane or in the paddock. Otherwise you or we can buy additional insurance to all race cars which cost about 30,- € / day.

Swedish rules do not require us to have fire extinguishers in the car. Only in the pit.
Beslut: This one we can live with, we are going to place some extra fire extinguishers in the race track, pit lane and paddock areas.

Swedish rules do not require us to have separate locking devices for the trunk of the car.
Beslut: The original locking mechanism is enough. This one we can live with.

Swedish rules on harnesses, seats and personal safety equipment disregard the date/year of manufacturing. Instead its the condition of the equipment that is decisive.
Beslut: This one we can live with, this is a matter of scrutineering before competition.